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My Story

Hola! I'm  Daniela, a freelance hair & make up artist  with satisfied clients worldwide, with a passion for creativity and colors.18 years ago I settled in Barcelona after living and traveling in the most important fashion and design cities of Europe: Milan, London, Berlin, Munich and Hamburg.
Once in Barcelona my wonderful daughter Giada was born.
I discovered my passion for fashion & make up in my early childhood. I paint on silk at the L.E.S. in Milan; drawing of the human body in Volkshochschule Norderstedt; and have studies in water colour at Hamburg Aquarellwerkstatt.
As all my important decisions in life were made with good wine, toasting with great friends in Hamburg, this is also where my professional life began. At an Italian family restaurant - L´Incontro da Cosimo - located between my two favorite neighbourhoods, Sternschanze and Eimsbuttel, with my friends  Miroe,  Claude Heidemeyer, Eva Noell, Armin Knorreck, Markus and Torsten, we spoke about life and they suggested me quitting my job as a flight attendant at the AHS Hamburg Airport to devote myself to color.
One day Claude asked me to be her assistant at a photo shoot with Miroe (Michael Rothig), which is how my career began. I started my internship with long nights at the studios and I worked as a hair and makeup assistant for many years. From my first job at Chopstick Films with director Rainer Thieding, I’ve never left the set. My beloved Rainer was and still is my teacher, my mentor and my spiritual father. Here I spent ten years working on films, video clips and publicity, which led to editorial shoots, catwalk fashion shows and television.
I was certified in June 2018 as a Fashion Designer at “La Escola de la Dona” in Barcelona.
I speak four languages: German, English, Spanish and Italian, which is my first language.
Working with people all over the world is very rewarding. Some of the countries I have cooperated with are: Germany, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Usa England, and of course Spain. I love learning, creating and collaborating with all those involved with my profession.

I Want to Say Thank You to all those who helped me in my professional career: Hanns Berthold, Marion Schnellbach, Matias Oddone, Petra Knoublauch, Simone Degener, Victoriano Simon, Matin Maulawizada.
To my teachers at Faschion School: Laia Moret, Francesca Tur, Maria Botella, Marta Campaña y Marta Pol.
To my friends Chana, Cosima, Echo, Eulalia, Kuko, Mayra, Oscar, Paolo, Teresa (KiKi), to my sister Mary and finally to my greatest love, my daughter Giada, for smiling at me every day.


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